Educator / Entrepreneur 

is a coach / mentor in the Internet marketing and direct sales industries.  Bernie is a natural at bringing out the best in people.  He holds  a  Masters degree  in  electrical  engineering, and  trained in leadership, communication and coaching with Landmark EducationHis diverse background includes work as an adjunct professor at DeVry University, a project manager for AT&T Bell Laboratories / Lucent Technologies, deploying wireless networks around the world.    

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From an early age,  I've been into self-improvement. When I took a job as an adjunct and enjoyed teaching more than I anticipated, I stepped up into a new level of helping other people improve themselves as well.

I have been teaching ever since, and what I teach in the classroom, i.e. the technical material, becomes "irrelevant" -- my classroom sets the stage for "other" more important lessons in life.  

What are you doing to grow today?

     . . . one person at a time!